Victoria Johnson, The Sketchie Beast, is based in Southern California

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 Ecclesiastes 3:11


I find much inspiration in the beauty of nature, as most artists do, but don't often represent it in traditional or literal fashion. I add the elements of erosion, corrosion and the illusion of 'age' that's typical of my work. In my eyes true beauty thrives amidst the 'flaws', only in this way are we able to recognize what is truly beautiful.


Starting with dark and distressed, which is typical of my work, I added the feathers for vivid pops of color. A contrast I hope makes for an eye-catching composition. Dark themes work best when contrasting with something light, bright or whimsical.  

20x16 / 14x11 CANVAS

I originally created 'Hidden Tiger' to donate to a silent auction. I wanted an piece that was arresting in color and composition. It took several effects layers to accomplish the vibrant tropical foliage and, as is typical of my work, added several textures, one that looks as if the artwork had suffered a little water damage.

16x16 CANVAS

The Fall season boasts foliage with vibrant color (even here in Southern California, contrary to popular belief). There's a hint of crispness in the air along with the excitement of the coming holiday season. I wanted to convey that excitement with a bold and energetic color palette not typical of the usual Fall colors while adding a bit of Japanese flair for the exoticism that's much a part of my artwork.


The inspiration for this image came from my sister-in-law who asked me to draw her something as a gift. Her illustration, representative of her faith, inspired me to take a few of the elements and modify it as a sister image. This particular illustration represents finding peace and freedom through diversity and pain.


Originally titled 'A Lonely Boab and Its Clear Reflection', admittedly that's a bit of a mouthful thus shortened to 'A Lonely Boab'. Representing the times when one feels 'alone' doesn't have to be a scary time, but a time  to clearly reflect, without interference or distraction, on life's worth and purpose. And stand tall in the process. 


This whimsical piece, with a mid-century flavor, started as a photograph my sister took at Corona del Mar Beach in California. I wanted an art piece that clearly says: Southern California, where even the gulls like body boards.