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 Ecclesiastes 3:11


In an ideal world we would all get along wonderfully with our neighbors and make beautiful music together. But this is a less than perfect world so we find beauty and inspiration where we can. May you find some of it in art, even in art that represents a less than perfect world. Original sizes listed, additional sizes available. Enquire here


Cellist tells the story of beauty, music, love and hope amidst the despair and detritus of war. To me, this is what the fabric of life is composed of; the contrasting weave of peace, laughter and happiness intertwined with sadness, evil and strife. 


Flamenka is a bold beauty with an interesting juxtaposition of elements. I used a wood plank texture layer that gives the illusion to many visitors at my art exhibits that the piece is painted on wood. I used several layers adjusting the hue and color balance to achieve the juicy, tropically flavored color palette. Flamenka is an attention-getter wherever she hangs.


Meet 'Banjoe'. Prosaic, I know but sometimes I struggle with titles. Starting with a simple stock photo, I added layers of texture and a desert palette of colors for a digitally rendered illustration more brilliant than its name (and I'm prosaicly modest, too).  

18x18 CANVAS

This 'Fan Art' was inspired by a favorite YouTube artist. Per my usual MO, I first illustrated the subject in Illustrator, then added effect layers in Photoshop mixing grunge with actual photos of rock texture. I wanted this illustration to evoke a sense of serious solitude by using sober, darker hues. I could never think of a title for this one so Untitled it remains.