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 Ecclesiastes 3:11


Art isn't always light and bright. There have been many dark representations throughout its history. It touches the primal side within humanity that's both drawn to and repelled by darker themes whether in music, entertainment or art.  And art is often representative of life...the gritty, the somber, the slightly disturbing and sometimes darkly humorous. You're welcome to wander this dark gallery but remember to turn the light on when you leave.


This piece was inspired by something as simple and mundane as cleaning out my closets and cupboards. Cleaning House can be interpreted one of two ways; sucking out the clutter of manipulated thought to prepare fertile ground for intangibles to thrive OR providing a clean space in which to house more crap. Let the beholder decide.


This is one of three pieces I created for a Halloween series. Hooked is 35 fabulous layers of either a dark little whimsy or something personally symbolic for this artist. I'll let you, the beholder decide.


From horror movies to music to art, October is a month made to indulge in dark themes. And far be it from an artist born in October to pass up an opportunity. Such as this recently finished piece, one of three pieces I've created especially for that October vibe.


Sugar Skull Pin Up is the final piece of my Halloween artworks trio. Check out my News & Events blog to see a short demo of how this beauty was created. Halloween is a fun month where creativity, in art and costumes, goes full throttle.


How many layers of texture effects in this somber image of love gone wrong? Let us count the ways: 5 on the wall, 7 on the floor, 3 on the roses, 3 on the table, 5 on the window frame and 3 on the raven. Under 30 is not many for a Sketchie Beast creation.


Despite the populace being repulsed by the Nazi regime, they've also remained uniquely fascinated by this very dark time in world history. From best-selling books to movies the stories endure in myriad ways. Such as with this illustration based on the movie 'Dead Snow Zombies'. If you thought Nazis were atrocious in their corporeal state, the flesh-eating undead ones are even more so.

20x16 POSTER

This image was created for social media as a cynical Noir du Joir post. Since Monday is a day that's universally disliked, it's the perfect day to inject a little edgy humor. This is a pure vector illustration and, as with all noir, it's not for the sensitive or easily offended.